Physics Seminar by Dr Andrew Caruana

On 23rd January Dr Andrew Caruana visited the physics department at the University of Lincoln. He gave a seminar for 3rd year physics students in the afternoon about his current role at ISIS as a beamline scientist. He introduced some of the techniques that are being used in his experiment (polarised neutron reflectivity) and why it is a useful  for investigating many properties of a range of materials. Afterwards Dr Caruana moved on to some of his current research interests involving the spin Seebeck effect which he is working closely with collaborators at Loughborough University.

Dr Caruana also invited the students and members of staff to come and visit the institute and see the experiment he supports.



About Phil Sutton

Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Lincoln. My research interests include the computer modelling of planetary rings. This includes the very dynamic F ring at the edge of Saturn's rings which interacts with nearby moons on very short time scales. The investigation of planetary rings can help us understand more about planet and moon formation. An potentially interesting case comes in the form of circumbinary exoplanets we have recently discovered like Kepler-16b. These large gas giants are capable of harboring Earth sized moons around them. Yet how might they form? Looking at planetary ring stability around such exotic exoplanets might help us understand more.

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