Lincoln Isaac Newton Lecture

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Apples on the original Newton’s apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire

The Newtonian Moment

a duo public lecture by

Dr Fabien Paillusson

School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln


Dr Anna Marie Roos

School of History & Heritage, University of Lincoln

Wednesday 31 May 2017

6 pm – 7 pm

Lecture Theatre in the new Isaac Newton building, Brayford Pool Campus, University of Lincoln

Eventbrite - Lincoln Isaac Newton Lecture

In this public lecture, the humanities and the sciences meet.  A historian of science and a physicist will shed some light on the discovery of Newton’s laws, some of the most famous and important in physics.  These laws not only ushered in modern physics and technology, but also have changed the way we think about human society and the Universe.

The lecture will be given in the new Isaac Newton building at the University of Lincoln.

Anna Marie Roos is a Reader in the…

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Lecture on Physics for the 21st Century

IOP Lincoln Centre

On Wednesday 8th February 2017, Professor Werner Hofer presented a fascinating and provoking lecture on quantum physics. His talk resulted in many questions from the audience and created a boiling discussion atmosphere, which was a sign of development of the quantum physics in the beginning of 20th century. Only this time Professor Hofer was offering the audience his approach to a physics for 21st century. If you missed the talk, you can still read the talk’s slides in this link.

After the talk: the speaker, Professor Werner Hofer (left) with the host, Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky (right). After the talk: the speaker, Professor Werner Hofer (left) with the host, Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky (right).

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1st Annual Edward Delaval Lecture in Physics

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On the 16th of November 2016 Professor Tom McLeish FRS from Durham University, UK, delivered our 1st Annual Edward Delaval Lecture in Physics.  The lecture is named after Edward Delaval FRS, a ‘physics hero’ associated with the Doddington Hall near Lincoln.  Tom gave a fascinating talk about the English polymath of the 13th century Robert Grosseteste, who was  Bishop of Lincoln. A lively discussion and answers to questions from the public after the lecture made 1.5 hours fly without  notice.

eddelavallecture_sm After the lecture. L-R: Professor Tom McLeish FRS and Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky, Head of the School of Mathematics and Physics.

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Certificate finds its recipient!

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On 21 September 2016 Robert Sharp received his Commendation Certificate for his Physics 1st year study in a magic settings of  Woolsthorpe Manor during Gravity Fields festival. Robert could not make it for the end of the year Edward Delaval event in June, however, he got his certificate in a not less remarkable place – next to the Isaac Newton’s house!

robert_sharp Dr Manuela Mura and Robert Sharp with the backdrop of the Isaac Newton’s house behind

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